Sea of Colors | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Sea of Colors

© 2014 Eric Christopher Jackson | All Rights Reserved.

It’s gritty. It’s colorful. It reminds me of a painting. As the sun was setting Monday evening, I caught a glimpse of the sky from my window. Purples, reds, oranges, it doesn’t happen everyday and no two days have been the same for centuries. Some days, no doubt, I miss it. But yesterday, I did not. At its core, I wonder…who did this? Who can paint masterpieces with the colors in the air?

Someone must have said:

“Hmm, what of today? …The clouds can be here. The sunlight can be there. For colors…this, that, and the other. A little wind for a wispy effect and…there. Picture-perfect moment. Now, I wonder if anyone will notice it?”

I think I need a break from this keyboard. Because getting mad at it…driving the keys down in anger will not get it to work better. I’m not sure why that’s my natural response. Throw a tantrum…smack, smack, smack: “If you don’t work right, I’m gonna break you!”

Too late. Breaking it even more will not make it any better. Next thing you know, I grab the hammer, “This’ll teach you not to work properly!” (smack…crush…sparks fly……….oops). Yeah. That’s how it goes. In this event, not only do I need a new keyboard, I just broke my laptop.

So. 🙂 No tantrums. Smile. Only a minor hiccup. Last Friday, I went store hopping to find an affordable backlit keyboard (because I usually end up typing in little to no light during the late hours [conserves electricity]). No go. I should try again tomorrow because the more I blow out the dust bunnies with air duster, the more the other keys get stiff. …Including the spacebar, the letter “S”, and the “R” has only gotten worse.

I know, otherr people have far worse issues to deal with in the world. I should not complain. I was venting, I suppose. I’d rrather vent than break my keyboard. 🙂 I neve noticed how many wods have the “R” in them. Ugh. I’m gonna do something educational. I’m gonna wash my laundry. (What?) Okay, I’ll play a few rounds of video games while I wash my laundrry. k bye.



  1. A new keyboard for Christmas sounds like a good idea, hope Santa brings one for you.

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