Photographer’s notebook | The unfolding crisis in Ukraine

A world so different from my own and one I’ll never know outside of these photos.


It was supposed to be a short assignment. After all, European countries in the 21st century may sometimes be gripped by protests, and some protests may even turn violent. But they don’t usually descend into open warfare.

Since my trip to Kiev, Ukraine, in November 2013 to cover protests against then-President Viktor Yanukovich, the Ukraine story has swept me along in deaths and near misses; tales of sacrifice, sadness and bravery.

On Feb. 20, protesters burned tires and threw firebombs at police, who fought back with clubs and shields, and then live ammunition. Unable to put down the protests, Yanukovich fled the capital.

The next day, the Los Angeles Times carried my front-page image of one protester’s father standing in the morgue, holding the bloodied helmet his son had painted blue in hopes it would look like U.N. gear.

From there, events moved quickly. Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula and…

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  1. Oh gosh excellent photography brings this alarming crisis into reality, we hardly hear of this now in our media, or perhaps I don’t watch the news often enough? So much waste, the European Union was supposed to end all fighting.

    • Those in power want more money, more power. They care less about the people they wish to rule over. 😦

      • Power games by strong men? I wonder if having more women in balanced cabinets 50/50 would create more peaceful negotiation (my Mum says this a lot) I remind her of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria and the biggest increases in Empire under the rule of women. It is the individual women who lose their love / provider and sons who suffer the most in conflict. Then there are those women who want to fight on the front line 😳 so perhaps the women looking for these positions would be the power hungry, political types, females who look for fights and rile up others.

      • In my eyes, all should be judged by their hearts. If their hearts are pure, let them rule because they will be just. If their hearts are full of greed, man or woman, oppression will follow. 😦

      • It’s standing up to the oppressors that can be part of the problem, most people know what they don’t want but they don’t know what they do want and what replaces the person they dislike. When I was on the school parliament I listening to things students didn’t like but they were very divided and what they wanted to replace it with.

      • Yes, yes, and the circle begins again. One oppressor is taken down, another wants total control, and ultimately becomes the oppressor they despised. You are aware for one so young.

      • My Grandad, Dad and brother are big history buffs too and these discussions go on around me all the time. You can’t help but get involved.

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