See the Sun

2008 MARCH 30 | Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Another hometown memory. I photographed this during is my third trip to the beach after purchasing my first DSLR. Unfortunately, I did not know how all the camera features worked. I didn’t know how to shoot in RAW, only JPEG. So, I can only print this scene at a maximum, 8-inch by 12-inch. Still, it’s the Atlantic Ocean, the sunlight, the clouds, the waves. Awesome. I have to add it to the permanent collection under Landscapes.

I quickly learned that all sunrises are different. Stand in the same spot and not one will be the same. However, some will photograph better than others. If I missed a shot, be out-of-focus, bad composition, over or under exposed…there were no second chances. Over time, I learned what the camera settings should be, what looked well in a composition, what the fastest way to adjust the exposure would be, etc.

And it’s not about quantity, but quality. It’s not enough to take a good picture, it has to be a great photograph that moves the viewer emotionally. To this day, that is what I look for in a scene, a story, a design…a strong, emotional response from my heart and potentially in others’.

Finally, I learned that you have to love what you’re doing because you’re going to spend a lot of time doing it. My challenge is I love photography and creative writing, plus I try out illustrations, video, and am interested in music. It’s not enough time in the day to try to master and test everything and take care of general responsibilities on top of it all. Losing too much sleep, which means I’m drowsy during the day. Slows down my progress.

Well, I’m focused on especially finishing three specific projects to take them off my list. That will give me some breathing room and momentum to move forward.

God bless.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. wanderwizard says:

    This picture is incredible!

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