I love Snoopy

Snoopy has been one of my favorite cartoon characters for years. Mainly because this cute beagle acts more like a person than a dog. I have had thoughts of creating my own comic strip. Though, I do have a tough time coming up with a story that can be on-going with characters I have the ability to draw. In addition, the characters have to be memorable with some lesson (or point) to each strip. Some humor included is essential.

I may have a potential concept on the horizon. Such a project requires a lot of time and dedication, which I’m not sure I’m able to commit to.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. I loved the Snoopy cartoon. I hope you do find time. There is a site on twitter called @soveryBritish I always thought those would be funny on cartoon, do they have something similar in the States?

  2. Comedy is better when its clean and doesnt need warnings. British humour is more about our incessant chatter about weather and queueing, drinking tea etc.

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