© 2015 Eric Christopher Jackson

“You can get so busy trying to be accepted you lose who you are.” -ecj

I think the biggest problem I had growing up, and even at times as an adult, was viewing my self-worth through the eyes of other people. I wanted to feel valuable, confident, a part of the groups I was around. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s quite normal.

The problem is wanting to try to fit into a group that is no good for you. When they influence you to have negative behaviors and tendencies, you shouldn’t want to be a part of that just to feel like you belong. Initially, I handled this problem the wrong way.

I decided to break away from “everybody.” No real friends to speak of, no relationships, no hanging out to meet new people. Needless to say, this led to feelings of isolation and I felt worse about myself.

Over time, I learned how to be in the midst of a crowd and still maintain my own personality. I didn’t have to act like, talk like, dress like, or listen to the same types of music as the people around me. I didn’t need to impress anyone or bring excess attention to myself to be noticed. I learned to walk with people while going my own way. I suppose that’s the best way for me to describe it.

These days, I find myself to be a very independent, strong-willed person. However, I am learning to take a few steps back and let others “in.” Life isn’t meant to be lived out alone. But it also should not be lived out with us trying to be someone we’re not.

“That” would truly be unacceptable.

Eric Christopher Jackson

P.S. Yes! 🙂 I changed the template of my blog. I love it so far. I’ve wanted the blog to be more visually appealing for a few months now and have been playing around with different templates. Last night, I decided on “Intergalactic” (sounds like it’s from a “Star Wars” film) because of the up-to-date style. The size of the blog header images are great as well! Though I hope everyone can find the Menu button…top-right of the page.


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