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This is my first professional setting as an automobile photographer. Open car garage, diffused natural light, I had a few artificial lights set up. Yet, in the beginning, it didn’t work. I tried to mimic what I saw in magazines, etc. I was uncomfortable and could not get into a good rhythm.

After a while, I put the artificial lights away and finally asked myself, “How would I photograph this vehicle?” Well, my love for ambient light took over. It was the middle of the afternoon, so I had enough light to work with. Suddenly, the car had more personality. The lights of the car garage falling over the hood didn’t take away from its beauty, but added to it.

The scene did not have to be perfect.

Besides, if everyone approached automobile photography exactly the same, how could anyone develop their own identity? Without question, the quality of the image needs meet the standard, but the style can be as unique as possible.

I accepted the imperfections and ended up with something perfect, at least, for me.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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