Hi all!

For quite some time now, I have been leaning towards separating my interests so I can manage my progress better. Also, since my interests are fairly different from one another, the specific audience for each is different as well. With this in mind, I have begun two new WordPress blogs to highlight a specific subject.

The first is entitled, “Automobile Photography.” Yep, it’s all cars, all the time. No poems, no photos on other subjects, just automobiles. My photo collection of vehicles is starting to take up too much space here. Plus, when auto enthusiasts recognize my work, it will no longer be mixed with everything else I do. It makes it easier for us all to keep track of what’s exactly in my collection.

The next blog is entitled, “Writing Creativity.” It will feature all of my poems, short stories, screenplay excerpts, etc. So, those interested in these subjects can find my work easier, again, because it’s not mixed up with everything else I do.

I also plan to create a Twitter and Tumblr page for each new blog. Now, as for this blog, which is well over 400 posts and 300 followers, it will focus more on the combination of photos & text. Also, I still have many photo categories outside of automobiles that will be featured here. I am slowly transferring the automobile photography and writing from this blog to their respective new sites. (Waving good-bye). Bittersweet.

As I looked carefully at my Followers, many of those who are interested in automobiles are not as interested (if at all) in poetry and vice versa. I think it’s best to have blogs that focus on one subject and target the audience looking for that specific subject. It will also be easier to publishers and literary agents to find and view my work.

Finally, my original cartoon character, Chompy. What to do with him? Well, I don’t have much content for the little guy to justify creating his own blog. However, the children’s book and the projects to come really don’t fit anywhere else. Completely different audience and the mindset I have when working on this character is different from working on…automobile photos, for instance.

I have to be able to separate all of these ideas, while letting people know they belong to the same person. lol. Okay. It’s gonna be better. I know it.

The blog for Writing is very clean, formal, reserved. Because these readers are more interested in the content of the poem or story, not the visuals. The Automobile blog is a bit more snazzy, but it’s still toned down compared to other sites I’ve seen about cars. This blog…umm…I’m experimenting with the themes until I find a good identity for it. But I do feel it will lean more towards a graphic design style.

I think that’s it. I am so excited to see which of the new blogs takes off and who is interesting in what. It’s like a race! Part of this separation is for me to find out how big of an audience wants to look at my auto photos or read my writing. I am happy that WordPress allows me to have multiple blogs under one log-in. Otherwise, it could be difficult remembering which blog I’m logged-in under. Ugh.

Oh yes, branding. I will probably integrate my official logo into an image for each blog in unique ways. This way, people will connect the dots if they come across more than one of my blogs. OOoohh…I need sleep. 🙂

(stop thinking)
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Good idea, just make your gravatar click through list all your blogs too

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