As I take a look around, so many things have changed I can hardly recognize my own blog. Perfect. No poems or stories. No illustrations. No apparel. Only photography. And the automobile photos are gone. It shocked me to the point where I had to stop yesterday and think about where my remaining works of art would go from here.

I’d like to try something different Β in my next photography series. It’s taken me a while to get the lighting just right because these portraits where taken with low-key ambient lighting. Plus, depending on which website I post this type of photography on, sometimes the scenes seem too bright or extremely dark. Headache. I’ve decided to do the best I can during photo editing, but it will never be “perfect” on every monitor.

“Control issues?” No. Let’s stick to the subject. πŸ™‚ I’m leaning towards making a collage out of 9 to 12 self-portraits. Each one has a different expression. I especially like when the facial expressions are very similar, but a few tweaks can convey an entirely different mood.

The only thing I’m debating right now is whether or not to present them in the order I photographed them. Names? I don’t have names for each expression. The viewer can decide.

I cannot believe it. I watch one TED Talks video and it completely changed how I approach my work. I am re-focused. Glorious.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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  1. It was a great TED talk thanks for recommending it 😊

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