“What Happens Next?”
Excerpt of

“Here’s a quick, fun writing challenge. Read the paragraph below and finish the scene — either as yourself, or as a character as your current work in progress.” – Rebecca


“Hey, you.” The man spoke with an urgent whisper so only I could hear.

“Me?” I answered.

“Yes, you. You need to come with me, now!”

“But, I…”

“There’s no time to argue. We need to hurry.” The man cast a worried glance to each side and grasped my arm. I began to pull back, then stopped. I’d seen him before. If I could only place where…”


You can finish the story any way you’d like, of course. Happy Writing. Here’s mine:

…yes, it became obvious to me again. It must have been the summer heat taxing my brain. I pulled away a second time only to see him fall into a panic.

“You don’t understand. I have to get you outta here!”

I refused. “Look, mister, I’ve been standing in this line for almost an hour! I’m not losing my spot.”

Security guards began to work their way through the crowd. Odd. Full tactical gear. Those with me in line gave various reactions from laughter to sarcastic puns. I shook my head at the man, almost feeling pity for him.

The guards grabbed him as he began to cling to my arm once more. The crowd began to gasp as security insisted they stay back.

“I can help you, miss, I can help you!” the man cried.

Finally, he was pried off my arm followed by a wave of apologizes from security and staff. They took him away, giant shoes and all. Yes, I knew I recognized him from somewhere. But who ever thought they’d see Mickey Mouse without his “head” on?

Now…if I can only get on this ride.


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