South Coast Dome

© 2011 Eric Christopher Jackson
South Coast Plaza | Costa Mesa, CA.

January 15, 2011
When I transferred to Orange County to finish school, I didn’t know the Student Housing Units would literally be a stroll away from the best mall I’ve ever been in. South Coast Plaza is very luxurious, over 250 boutiques and 30 restaurants. During my first visit there, I was in awe. The mall is so big, it’s three floors high and takes up two sides of the street. A bridge was built linking the two structures together so you don’t have to walk across the street.

I guess the stereotype is, guys don’t like to shop. Yep, I do. Even when I couldn’t buy anything, I would look through clothes, electronics, furniture, visit the Candy Store to sample gourmet chocolates, etc. It was a blast.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite spots in the mall. Open space, from the first floor, I used a fish-eye lens that day. Love, love. 🙂 Oh yes, and whenever I visited the mall, I was not a happy sight to see for the roaming Security Staff. Yes, most everyone took pictures, but with a point-and-shoot or their phone. I had a Canon 50D, which is pretty bulky, more professional. So, it was always, “What are you using these pictures for?”

I have an affinity for luxurious architecture. Not my fault. 🙂 And…if I try to sell any of the photos I took within the mall (or other buildings the Management owns) I will be fined a minimum of $5,000. I already signed the document. Aww. I took a few good ones, too. Well, it was still a good adventure.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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