Ender’s Game

The special effects were amazing. The set designs were creative on a large scale. The “battle sequences” between teams in training were thought out beautifully. A futuristic style of “Laser Tag” comes to mind. The battle sequence at the opening of the film is legendary, the likes of which have not been seen since “Independence Day.”

The ultimate battle between the kids and the alien race never really took place the way one may have expected. When the most climatic moment came alive, this awesome battle, the audience was none the wiser. In a way, it’s brilliant. In the end, it can be disappointing.

Unfortunately, the swap of responsibility in dealing with a problem of this magnitude, from the adults to the children, made it harder for this viewer to suspend disbelief and forget that this is just a movie. The grown-ups, the ones who are supposed to be protecting and fighting for the next generation, sent the next generation out into the universe to do the dirty work for them. Yet again, this may have been written intentionally with this point in mind. Something “is” wrong here and society has to make sure it does not happen in reality. -ecj


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