The Gift

The house on the hill
Sat alone, away from the world
Like a man in solitary confinement
No one goes up there anymore
Or so I thought
Making my way up the steep hill

Left to its ancestors years ago
Worn, damp, useless
Or so I thought

The door creaked open
Dust filled the air
Light pierced the shadows
Yes, for the old house
No one cared

The stairs cracked
Barely able to handle my weight
Cob webs fell to the ground
As I brushed them away

Why did I bother the trip anyway?
My curiosity pushed me to investigate
The attic door fell to the floor
I climbed the steps unsure of what
I was looking for

To my surprise
Violet curtains shimmered
Trimmed in gold
Marble covered the floor

I pulled the heavy curtains apart
To see a single gift box
Sitting alone on a table top

The tag was inscribed, “For All”
I dared to look inside to see
Nothing at all, except
My name written at the bottom of it

I felt the shock of disappointment
Just an empty box
But then I realized
My heart had just been filled
With unconditional love to give

May 14, 2012

Excerpt from the book, Speak.


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