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I don’t think I’ve shared many (if any) photographs of where I graduated from. I won’t go into the long back-story and aftermath today. I would like to share some of my favorite images that I took. There are enough solid images to create a series. Even when it’s a simple shot of an interior, I have to add a little kick to the colors, clarity, & contrast.

Since my photo editing monitor had it’s last hoorah, I haven’t been doing much in the way of photography. Some of the time has been used to look back at what I haven’t posted yet (years of photos). I only want to share the really good ones.

Down the road, I will get back into the swing of creating new work in photography. For now, the majority of my focus has been on giving my writing more exposure. It’s really taken a back seat over the years; it needs to be put on the platform it deserves.

I think I’ll be refreshed (recovered) when I begin creating new photo work again. Right now, I can tell, my mind needs a break. I do hope you enjoy what I have in the Archive until that time.

Quick note: My laptop continues to show signs that it’s on the way down. I’m in the final steps of making sure everything important is taken off of this, so in the event it stops working I won’t cry too much. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson

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