Edge of Tomorrow

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s the unveiling of another movie poster in my digital collection. I did not know what to expect from “The Edge of Tomorrow” because, in my mind, the trailers were kind of vague. I only knew they were fighting “something” and the day continued to repeat over and again.
I usually like Tom Cruise films because they’re well done with plenty of action/adventure. I also appreciate the fact that Cruise does his own stunts much of the time, if not all the time. I’m not as familiar with Emily Blunt, though she seemed believable as a strong soldier equally tough, if not more so, opposite Cruise in this role. I did not know Brendan Gleeson played a role in this film. I remember him from Mission Impossible:II in particular. Very good actor.

I could barely recognize Bill Paxton as Master Sergeant Farell. Oh my goodness, I’ve seen him in quite a few films all the way back to “Alien.” Yet, here, I only recognized him by his voice. It should be trademarked or something haha.
Whew. I struggled to get through the beginning of the story because it repeated several times in pieces. However, more of the story was revealed as we went along and what was going on became more clear. It wasn’t terrible, but I became weary of it. So did the main character, which made it easier for me to swallow.

Anyhow, the Earth was invaded by really ugly, terrifying creatures. Yikes! Humanity found itself on the brink of extermination if they lost this final battle. I would try to explain how Cruise’s character had the ability to restart the same day, but…it’s complicated. Hmm. Okay. In short, the creatures have the ability to control time. If a human kills one of the rare Alpha creatures, that human absorbs the ability to go back in time to the same, specific point in time.

However, in order for the human to go back in time, that person has to die. Now…if the person is on the edge of dying and gets saved by the paramedics through blood transfusion, that person’s ability to go back in time is lost. They cannot repeat a day over and again anymore.

Got it?

Emily Blunt’s character lost the ability to go back in time. Okay? When she runs into Tom Cruise’s character (while he’s trying to figure out why he keeps repeating the same day) she recognizes what’s going on with him and decides to help. The story gets more complicated from there, but that’s the jest of it. Ultimately, he is going to keep repeating the same day until they find a way to defeat the terrifying creatures.
Speaking of which, the CG is done well. Although it’s difficult to tell what you’re looking at, the creatures are fast and furious. Throwing soldiers here and there. They seem part metal, part organic, hard to kill. Once you realize they are near you, you’re dead.

The EXO suits that the soldiers wear came across too clunky to me, at first. After a while, I got used to them. Besides, you would need a suit like that to kill those things.
I liked it. Not many swear words or sexual innuendos. Overall, they stuck to the story and it became hilarious to a point because Cruise’s character was tired to dying and going back through the same scenario. It makes me wonder how I would feel. I also like how the film ended, though it may be seen as slightly contrived…I’m glad they ended it the way they did.

When this film was released, it was bunched up with the release of too many other films. It could have easily been overlooked by the casual movie-goer such as myself. Plus, like I mentioned, the trailers didn’t go into much detail, but when you watch the film, you’ll understand why. A little explanation would have made the audience even more confused. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson


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