AI Student Trip

August 14, 2010
Continuing on the subject of the previous blog post, AI Lobby, this is a trip the students in the Housing Units took to Newport Beach in California.

I know. I don’t look like the happiest of campers in this first photo. I wasn’t. The transition from South Florida to Southern California had not been as smooth as I anticipated (or daydreamed). Still, I had to be thankful for the opportunity to visit a beautiful place.


Around the beginning of 2010, I had to sell my camera equipment to help me stay in school. I used a Samsung point-and-shoot for several months after that.

One of the things that surprised me were how many homes are built on the side of mountains or near the edge of cliffs. Expensive homes. I wouldn’t feel very secure, but these homes are everywhere along the coast.


For the most part, the water is a dark blue color. Many people, including myself, seem to love living near the water. Growing up in South Florida, I’m used to being near the ocean.

I figure, when I finally settle down somewhere, I would like lots of water and mountains nearby.


I love this photo. I would take the bus to Newport Beach on Saturday mornings. Plenty of opportunity for good photographs.




The Atlantic Ocean back home is warm, mid-70s. The Pacific Ocean is freezing cold. Hmm, it’s look lime green in this shot. This particular moment I was ready for it. The first time I put my hand in the water, months earlier, I was shocked.

Even during trips to the beach, I’d see little kids braving the cold water, shivering, huddled together as the waves hit them. I am not that brave.

Happy Friday
Eric Christopher Jackson

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