Save Them.

It was dark outside
The skies had a red-orange color in the air
Apparently, illuminated by fires
But from where?

I took the city bus
Some people where scared
I was scared
Somehow, I knew we needed to avoid something bad
that was going on


I got off the bus at a stop, I remember all the traffic, a red light, smoky intersection, hazy air
And I remember it was daytime outside
But it was night by the bridge

I headed up the sidewalk which seemed to be an overpass
A helicopter came into view, blue with thick red lines in it
It spun in circles over my head and passed me
I remember it hit the ground, but I don’t remember an explosion

I saw children near the bottom of the overpass, near a street lamp I think
They were running in circles, playing? My vision of them was out of focus, I could make out
three boys? short, black hair, dark, tan skin…chuckling, kicking up dirt on the ground

Then, I looked up near the top of the bridge
A little girl, light-colored jacket, pants, light skin, black shoes, black hair, two short ponytails…toddler
She was sliding down the bridge…smiling I think

I was in shock
Some type of car wreck and explosion behind her
It was vague, but I could see light from the fire

I picked up the little girl, not crying, still…smiling
One of her legs was dangling, I could tell it was close to falling off, torn just above her knee
No blood ran, only some cloudy liquid substance drained like a slow faucet

I put her on the concrete slab
I started to wail
I wanted to call the police, but I was scared
I didn’t want to get involved, it wasn’t my business

An older little girl ran up to me
Smiling, was she missing a tooth or two?
Blood smeared here and there on her face
Darker skin, longer black hair
She spoke to me, light, cheery voice
But I couldn’t make out what she was saying, it was too vague to me

I ached inside
I wanted to stop the violence, stop the war
And felt incapable of doing so

The sound of a garbage truck broke through the air
Sunlight shined in my face
I opened my eyes to see the window, sunlight
I was on my pillow, under my blanket

What a horrible dream

Now I’m left to wonder
Who were those little girls?
Where were those little children
Who was the cause of all this violence?
And why do I feel such a strong need to save them?


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