A Lesson on White Balance

I think that my future wife should know, I love to go for walks. Although I can’t walk as far as I used to in my 20s, I still like to walk around and photograph a myriad of subjects.

On this particular day, I was photograph a building and noticed the magenta color in the sky reflected off of the architecture. So, I had to jog/run up the bridge to see what I could get. The color of the sky was beautiful, though it lacked real umph. The composition isn’t too bad, meaning, to photo editing we go. Ultimately, I enhanced it by using the wrong White Balance setting during editing.

White Balance? Yes. Quick lesson? I’ll try. Cameras & video cameras need to be White Balanced. Simply put, the camera needs to show the color “white” as white…not light grey or a subtle shade of another color. If the camera’s White Balance is on the wrong setting for the environment, all of your colors will be off…sometimes, badly. 🙂

Notice the muted gray-blue color has been upgraded to…mostly blue. lol, it’s funny because my first six months of Photography classes were focused, not really on taking photographs, but learning what all these buttons & settings do. 🙂 They work in concert. You learn all the rules. And once you prove to your professors that you’ve memorized and utilize the rules properly…it’s time to figure out when you can break them. Finally!

For this scene, my White Balance was supposed to be set on Daylight, possibly Shade because the sun was setting. Well, during editing, I changed the White Balance to Tungsten, which typically turns the entire image a weird blue color. Normally, you use a Tungsten White Balance when tungsten light bulbs are your main source of light. Oops.

Lastly, the style of my work is subjective. I love the color black. I tend to edit my photos on the darker side…too dark for some people’s taste. However, my work is not made for everyone…or anyone, actually. I edit a scene until I like it.

The times I’ve edited something in hopes that other people will like it (but I don’t like it) the work doesn’t stay in my collection very long. Plus, very few, if anyone likes it. So, be true to yourself.

Good day. 🙂
Eric Christopher Jackson

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