Creative Fluff Design & Art Magazine Article by Fred McCoy

March 3, 2015
Meet Fine Art Photographer Eric Christopher Jackson” by Fred McCoy | Zola Paulse

“Creative Fluff Magazine is a New York City online publication offering an impeccably curated showcase of modern artists, designers, and film-makers.”

When I submitted my Christian Photography Series to Creative Fluff a few months ago, I was not sure how they would respond to “religious” material. Still, by the work I reviewed already on their website, I felt my best chance to make a good first impression was to submit “The Dark Light Series.”

When Zola Paulse contacted me a couple of weeks later, to be honest, I was shocked by the warm reception. The questions she posed sent me back in my chair. I had to further explain my work, the process, and took a day to think over what I wanted to say. Write. Re-write. And edit, again. I still sent it off with an error. Ugh, that bothered me for two weeks. Not helping the first impression; part of me felt like it hurt my opportunity to be published.

I was all smiles (and in awe) as I read the email from Fred McCoy (co-Founder, Lead Editor) yesterday afternoon. My work was already published online. As I read the article about my work…I was speechless, teary-eyed (and still am when I recall that specific moment). Tough to describe.

In short, I’m thankful. He got it, describing the purpose of the Series better than I did.

You can subscribe to receive the newsletter for Creative Fluff to keep up with other artists, etc. Most of whom are way more talented than I. My constant reminder is: I’m not trying to be better than anyone; I only strive to be the best I can be.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Eric this is wonderful news, I’m glad your work is getting recognition and talked about. Super excited for you 🙂

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