Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall
© 2010 Eric Christopher Jackson

Photographed with a Samsung point-&-shoot, I was still looking for a Kodak moment. One of my college classes went on a field trip to The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA. The class taught us about 3-dimensional form & space. What better way to get a brief lesson than viewing a place with a style of architecture called “Deconstuctivism.”

Designed by Frank Gehry of the architecture firm, Gehry Partners, LLP, the music hall opened on October 24, 2003. The project was initiated by Walt Disney’s widow, Lillian, in 1987; she donated $50 million. Mr. Gehry finalized the design in 1991. However, as building began, the project ended up exceeding the original budget by a wide margin.

After extended delays due to lack of funding, the finished concert hall cost an estimated $274 million. Of this amount, Walt Disney’s family contributed $84.5 million; The Walt Disney Company donated $25 million. Ouch. This is after the original design was altered to save expenses; they replaced the stone exterior concept with the beautiful stainless steel skin everyone gushes over. Including myself.

In the end, although “Form & Space” was the beware of that class for our major, I found building 3-dimensional models rather enjoyable to create. Eventually. 🙂 -ecj

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