Scorpions Sting, Part II

Self-Portrait, Cup 01.15.15
Tuesday, March 17th
It was 2:40am. I still wasn’t comfortable sleeping, yet. My eyes naturally wandered over the living room carpet..looking for any signs of a scorpion.

I was concerned. The side-effects (besides the pain from the sting) I was supposed to have at least an hour after the initial strike didn’t surface until the next day. And their intensity continued to build as they lingered.

Again, the pain in my calf was gone, almost an after-thought. But the fear had not subsided. I decided to go to bed, I had to. Well, I needed to turn the light on once more. I did…and not a foot away from my feet was another bark scorpion. Bigger than the one that stung me days before. ‘What is with these scorpions?!’ I thought. Thank God I didn’t step on him.

I watched him for a few moments. He didn’t move. I grabbed my camera & photographed him. Still, no movement. I figured I would go to the main office of the apartment complex that Tuesday morning and show them evidence of this problem. The pest control man sprayed the apartment Monday afternoon. A little more than 12 hours later, another scorpion had found its way in. (sigh)

I went to the kitchen cabinet underneath the sink and grabbed the spray bottle of cleaning solution (water & bleach) I made. (Good for disinfecting door knobs, etc.) Anyway, I gave the scorpion a couple of light mists from the spray bottle. It definitely moved, but seemed sluggish. The pesticides sprayed by the pest control man apparently had some effect, though not enough for my taste. I prefer dead.

The scorpion crawled underneath the front door..easily. So, that’s how they get in. I opened the door, there it was mustering up strength to get away. I killed it, with a broom and the cleaning solution just to make sure it wasn’t coming back.

Tuesday afternoon, the maintenance guy showed up to see how bad the gap was at the bottom of the front door. Really bad. He needed to order material to seal the gap, but in the meantime, a metal strip covers the large sliver. As the sun began to set, I found some spray that kills spiders. Perhaps, it would make scorpions think twice about entering. I also kept the porch light on. I read the scorpions are nocturnal, hide in dark places. The bright light may also help in keeping them at bay.

Wednesday evening, March 18th, I laid across the crouch glad to get through the day. I went on my 12:40pm interview feeling okay. After the interview was over, I started to feel really sick again. I called the local medical clinic before I arrived, wondering how much they would charge me to see the doctor. I couldn’t afford it.

After discussing what my symptoms were, I was told that the scorpion venom is likely still spreading in my system. If the symptoms get too bad, I’ll have to go to the ER. Hours before, I called the hotline again, asking questions. I was told the severity of symptoms depends on how much venom the scorpion injects into you. Well, maybe this one was really mad at me. But she couldn’t explain why my initial pain wasn’t combined with the other side effects from a sting. Why the delay? I don’t know. She suggested it could be separate..

I continued to read online about this bark scorpion. Sounds like it’s the most dangerous of the species to people. It also has the ability to inject venom into a person by biting them. Yikes. The results of death is rare, but not unheard of. I began to think, wow, no wonder I’ve felt lousy for so long.

Day Five: Thursday, March 19th 12:09am
I didn’t expect to feel the side effects from the scorpion bite for this long. Last night, I decided to eat a bit healthier for dinner: oranges, apples, fish, along with fruit & vegetable juice. I think it helped push my fever away. But now, I have to get a better night’s sleep. Last night was awful. I kept waking up, wondering if the defenses I put up around the front door were holding up. I said a short prayer to God, which helped enough for me to fall asleep. Though I admit that was only after I got out of bed after 2:30am to look around the front door & my bed again. 😦

I’ve decided to share an image of the culprit that stung me. When I felt the initial pain, I think I gripped my calf so hard, I killed the scorpion in the process.. Part of the photo has been blurred out’s gross.
Scorpions Sting

I am a fighter. I am brave. I am applying what I’ve known to be true for years: bravery isn’t the absence of fear, but it’s admitting your fear and moving forward anyway.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ll look at common house spiders quite the same again.

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