A New Horizon

I’m happy to announce that I was contacted by a major retail store chain earlier this month to sell my work through them online. I jumped up & down until I started reading the fine print. 🙂 There’s lots of fine print. I can’t even tell you which retail store it is. My focus has been putting a proposal together to raise capital. I have to send inventory to their warehouse. Until now, my work has been Print-on-Demand.

A part of the deal is to make sure all the pricing on my artwork is consistent with the listing on their website. Since each distributor has a different base price-point, I had to cancel all the distribution channels. The work is still posted on different online venues, but now, all work will be sold directly through me. Ultimately, it’s better this way as long as I don’t get behind on making sure orders are fulfilled on time.

The next challenge is pricing my work. The older pieces, likely pre-2010, will be more affordable than what I create this year. Still, overall, my art is not exactly for the budget of the casual collector. I plan to look at the work of others more to see where I should start in comparison to their prices. Then, I want to have a sale periodically for those who want a piece and cannot quite afford the price at the dimensions they want.

Finally, I want to try some new techniques to improve the quality and concepts of my work even more. My work for the current year always has to be better than the previous year. Or…at least ‘different’…new in some way. Once the initial shipment of inventory is purchased for the retail store, I’ll monitor the response from the much broader audience they provide. After three months, if sales are pretty well to great, I can use this to pitch my work to other retail stores with the numbers to back up my success.

Without question, the brand is ready. I only wonder if the logo needs to be a small watermark on the prints sold or not. Suggestions?

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. You could put it on the back of the print like an authentication if people didn’t respond well to it being on the front but I quite like authentication on the front.

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