Iron Man

Film: Iron Man
My love for movie poster art really was the beginning of my journey towards becoming a professional artist. I am the type of person that wants to see the design of the opening title in films. I love going to the movie theater to look at all the promotional posters. They help build the hype for movies and feed my imagination for my own work.

Fridays potentially have great movie nights. I would look forward to going to the theater after school or work. With this in mind, it would be swell to highlight additions to my poster collection especially on Fridays.

When the first Iron Man film surfaced, this movie poster stood out the most.

Film: Character, Edna Mode
It was dramatic. Simple, yet bold, Edna Mode would say. 🙂

When a bit of the “Hot-Rod red” was thrown in with the gold…the soft, glowing, subtle blue color, metal texture…wow.

The composition is fantastic. We didn’t even need the title of the film on the poster! I’d say this one ranks in my Top 10, at least. It will be hard to push it out of the Top 10, but we’ll see. Remember..the movie itself does not have to be good in order to make it into my poster collection. And this happens quite a bit because the awesome special effects teams never write the script. The high level of professionalism in the effects don’t always coincide with a good story. Sad, but true.

So, do you have a favorite movie poster? Top 10? If so, do any of these favorites have a story that…needs help? Or something! 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson



  1. I like the new Disney Cinderella poster and I thought the Malificent one was brilliant

  2. I did see the “Cinderella” poster the last time I was at the theatre. I read somewhere that they hand-pasted 10,000 Swarovski crystals to that gown. Intense.

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