_MG_7662 NG
Recently, I mentioned how I want my work of 2015 to be better (or different) than previous years. Yesterday, I took a little time out to photograph an idea that’s been rolling around in my brain for maybe a week or two.

It’s interesting how a project can start out with one image in mind and suddenly, several ideas follow. So, this project grew..or I should say, it went in a direction I wasn’t entirely expecting.

On top of that, quite a few times, the shot came out right the first time. Then, I spent part of the afternoon trying to edit the photos including the one here. My normal adjustments only threw off the look I wanted. Surprise. The only thing I’ve done to this scene is put my logo on it. No lens correction, level adjustments, color correction, etc. I like it the way I shot it.

_MG_7682 NG
I chose about 30 images initially from the shots I took. Now, the hard part is finding the narrative, how the ones chosen from the 30 fit together. The Series will likely consist of 12 scenes, no more than 15. The quantity is not as important as the quality of shots used to tell the story.

The bigger issue I ran into yesterday is cohesiveness. All the images have to relate to the other in some way. A handful of them, like the scene here, simply work well on their own. The story, to some degree, has to have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. I found the ending scene right away.

As I continue to work on the photos, they usually work themselves out. Some stand out above the others eventually, if not right away. I still get nervous when unveiling a new Photography Series because you never really know how people will react to your work until you show them. Which is why I give these sneak peeks, to see how you will respond.

I hope to finish editing this Series over the weekend to share here at the beginning of next week. Normally, I take more control over the final look of an image. But I think this set of images calls for me to back up a little and let them be what they already are.

Yes, these scenes will speak on my relationship with God. Um, this is my 16th Photography Series, but only the second one about God. I intentionally try to stay well-rounded in my work. However, when I feel strongly about bringing up this subject, I do…because it’s not out there that much to me.

What do you guys think of these two scenes?

Happy Friday!
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. I like the light I feel like the image needs to be a touch clearer but that may be my iPad.

    • Thanks. The images are slightly out-of-focus. For this particular Series, the lack of clarity speaks to the mood I want to come across to the viewer. I haven’t written titles & descriptions for the images, yet. But when I present them all together, I hope to include these.

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