Hello Father

Hello Father
I have so much to tell you
I got my first rattle today
It makes the most glorious noise
To my mother’s dismay

Look Father
My first day of school
Learning the alphabet
I have made friends
Though girls are disgusting

I had a tough day Father
The kids are bullying me
Calling me names
Mom wants me to stand up for myself
Can I really?

High school doesn’t seem so bad Father
I made the basketball team
And plan to try out for football, too
Should I try my hand at music?
I think this girl likes me, I hope

Graduation, Father
Time to pursue the college degree
I got my scholarship in hand
And I think this woman loves me
I love her

I’m getting married today, Father
My sweetheart may have a boy or girl
I don’t know, I’ll be a Father soon
I’m a little scared
I’m a little uncertain

Now I can only think
I wish my Father were around
As I grew
I could have used his help
To know what to do


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