I am very late with today’s blog because..for the second time in three weeks, I was stung by a bark scorpion. After being released from the ER late Monday night, I went for a long, long walk and then arrived home after sunrise Tuesday morning. Needless to say, I was tired. I haven’t been feeling well, but I don’t have time to finish recovering. Another interview tomorrow morning.

Now, the new Photography Series is where I left it Monday afternoon. If I have time (& energy) tomorrow afternoon, I’ll try to wrap it up. These images are quite different from anything I have in my current collection.

I’m not sure how to describe the effect almost seems like I’ve photographed one of my dreams. It’s focused just enough for the viewer to see what the subject is. However, it’s not clear, as we see someone in reality.

Again, I’m not sure what some of the images mean just yet. I’m simply going off of my gut feeling on which scenes belong in the Series.

I need more time to step back and consider what story is being told. I am sure that each scene says something significant.

Perhaps, when I present them all at once, I’ll begin to understand. I have an idea..instead of the title, “I AM.” how about “Vision”?

Eric Christopher Jackson

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