The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ
It is another Film Friday, though I’m extremely late with this blog. My apologizes.

I must admit, I have been around Christianity for so long, my thoughts of Good Friday are not as passionate as they should be. However, it is a time to specifically remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for me.

I was flipping through channels this afternoon when I came across a Spanish channel. They were reenacting the beating of Jesus by the Romans and His journey to the Crucifixion. Finally, I felt the tug on my slightly jaded heart to feel what I knew I was supposed to feel.

It’s easy for me to be consumed by life’s challenges. Deadlines. Responsibilities. Interruptions. The pursuit of success. All the while, what matters most can be glossed over, if acknowledged at all. šŸ˜¦

I remember watching The Passion of the Christ at the movie theater. What I remember most is me crying, reluctantly, unable to hold back my tears. And it wasn’t just me, several people in the theater were moved to tears whether they were Believers or not. This film did what no other film could; it forced me to cry in public. (I do not like to…ever).

I could not have done what He did. He died for everyone’s sins, whether they would love Him or hate Him, believe in Him or reject Him. All the things I’ve done, am doing, will do wrong…all washed away. The best thing about being a Christian is knowing I’m forgiven, I’m loved unconditionally. So, on my worst day, I’m loved just the same.

I used to think, when I’m good, Jesus will love me, when I’m bad, He’ll hate me. Not the case. Good or bad, right or wrong, His love for me doesn’t depend on my behavior. I still have trouble understanding and explaining the awesome feeling I get from accepting this truth.

Recently, I shared this thought through a short story entitled, Disintegrate. It was published online by Rest in Hope. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to. It better explains what I’m trying to say.

God bless you.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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