I used to think I was weird when I was a little kid. I liked the strangest things. Well, in and of themselves, they’re not strange. I just didn’t see other kids around with the same response to certain things.

During my second stint at college, I found myself looking out my window quite often. I listened to the wind. I watched how the trees moved. I enjoyed the sound of water falling from the roof and splashing in puddles on rainy days. I noticed the impact of the wind gusts. I stared at the sunlight shining from behind the clouds.

It all amazed me.

It still does, sometimes…when I think about it. I hesitate to share videos like the one here for a couple of reasons. First, people can think, “This is so boring. Nothing is happening!” Second, I don’t have or know how to use Adobe video editing software. Even if I did, my laptop isn’t powerful enough to run the software without crashing. For now, I can only use Windows Movie Maker, which doesn’t have the features I’d like to use. Anyway…

I embrace the stillness. The calm. The peace. Tranquility! Yes, that’s the word. Home.

Eric Christopher Jackson

One comment

  1. feralc4t says:

    Reminds me of the UK. That’s real rain.

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