Sunlight Reflection

© 2009 Eric Christopher Jackson

Southern California is known for its clear blue skies, especially in Orange County. I was amazed that for the first week or two after my arrival, I didn’t see a cloud. For the first six months, no rain. Not a drop. No mosquitoes, either. Being a South Florida native, it was bizarre and I became spoiled rather quickly.

After college classes, I would return to my dorm & walk across the street. This building always caught my attention because of its color, design, and reflection of everything around it. Against the blue sky, it was perfect.

A quick note for aspiring photographers: If you want more vibrant colors in your scenes, use a circular polarizer filter. These glass filters over the camera lens reduce glare, haze, and reflections. They also boost the colors, darken the sky. The downside is (especially if you buy the most inexpensive filter) the overall quality of the scene will be reduced. The glass in your camera lens has a higher quality than the glass of an inexpensive filter.

You can compare shooting with & without filters to see how much quality you lose and how much color you gain.

That wraps up another Throwback Thursday.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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