Upstream People Gallery Exhibition Opening

Recently, I had the opportunity to submit five pieces to the 17th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online International Art Exhibition held by Upstream People Gallery. All five pieces were accepted for the May 1st Opening online. Three of the pieces received “Special Recognition” including the scene above, “Coming Up for Air.” A brief review of my work was written in the Juror’s Statement:

ERIC CHRISTOPHER JACKSON of Las Vegas, Nevada has a remarkable photograph called “Coming Up for Air” showing a fish swimming upward with the face forward and the tail flipping back and forth. The golden color and the light lavender work well in terms of the natural color and also the algae or underwater particles all about helps to show the drama. And too the dark background reinforces the theme. The underwater photography is well appreciated. His “On the Surface” is a curious work in that one wonders how this was created, but that is the beauty and strength of the work. And the simplicity of the work “Rest” with the special lighting in the dark field area is absolutely beautiful and quite artistic.

-Laurence Bradshaw (Curator, Professor of Art)

I am so thankful & grateful for the exposure as the exhibition runs from May 1-31, 2015 and will remain in the Archives at its conclusion.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Wow congrats Eric 😊

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