2015 BBMAs Pre-Event Close

I met wonderful people from radio stations across the country who came to Las Vegas to interview the music artists. On the final day, I had my picture taken to remember the occasion. I am exhausted (feel a bit sick) and amped up at the same time. I hope to have more opportunities to photograph major events in the near future. Adding these photos to my portfolio should help me get future assignments.

They let me keep the Pass around my neck, so it’s become a souvenir. Another “Thank you!” to Red Carpet Radio (RCR) for giving me the opportunity to photograph the 2-Day Pre-Event for the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. I also took photos at the Orientation Thursday night. I learned so much from other photographers and, quite honestly, trial & error.

If I get more of my original shots back from RCR, I will choose the best ones and share them with you all. It’s crazy because April 2015 became a year that I’ve been in Las Vegas and I had not been asked to photograph a single event. This month, I’ve had two major events. So, it’s exciting & a blessing. Here’s a look at the venue:

MGM Grand Garden Arena
Studio B
I took these two photos after Orientation Thursday night. I was so nervous, my first experience photographing such a major event. By Saturday afternoon, I was rolling. It was tough to photograph in such dim light at a faster shutter speed. Then, some of the radio stations brought in their own lights which contrasted in color temperature with the MGM lights. Some stations had no lights setup…it was hectic.

I know. This is photography speak. Day 1, Friday, I had to keep changing the White Balance on my camera to match the booth I was photographing. Plus, some shots worked using an external flash while other shots really didn’t work. At the end of Day 1, RCR told me my first hour of photos were bad; the second hour, they were okay; after that I took some really good photos.

Day 2, Saturday, I decided to test an altered position of my external flash before the Event started. omgosh…it was perfect! Plus, I remembered which White Balance setting worked for which booths. It was a better day…more hectic, but much better. And when I showed up people started telling me they liked my work from Day 1. (yay!)

I was relieved when the Event was over because I lost sleep over wondering how well I would do or if I would mess up. Well, I did mess up at first, but I didn’t quit. I kept trying, kept improving, until now, I am completely comfortable with photographing another Event. I learned so much by going through this challenge.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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