Closer to Paris?

Closer to Paris?
The Las Vegas Strip has several smaller replications of familiar landmarks. The Eiffel Tower is no exception. The Statue of Liberty is also nearby followed by something that reminds me of The Space Needle, the authentic version based in Seattle, WA.

One day, I will have to give everyone a grand tour of the Strip while keeping it kid-friendly. Perhaps, this is a start.

In other news, I celebrated my 37th birthday on Wednesday by treating myself to a movie, Tomorrowland. And..I have two nieces & two nephews. My niece, the 2nd oldest, graduated from high school on Monday. My nephew, the oldest, is finishing up his first year of college. My other nephew, the 3rd oldest, turns 17 years old today. My other niece, the youngest, is preparing to start high school this Fall. Oh my goodness. I can’t keep up. They’re all doing so well in school (flying colors) and other activities. I’m a proud Uncle. 🙂

Have a Happy & Safe Weekend.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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