New Character Brand

After the release of “Chompy Goes to School: 2nd Edition” I wanted to update the rest of the promotional concepts to fit the new look. I think my vision for presenting this character is unique. While it is targeted at young children, the style may draw the attention of a much older audience. I’m not sure how the finished line will look, but I want to share the completed concepts I have so far to get everyone’s feedback on them.

I think my main concern is color. Do I really want colors to match or should it be more free-flowing as a toddler would create it? Finding the balance is important. For now, I think MultiVerse is my favorite followed by Solo. I plan to have future books, etc. mimic the style of these posters.

Ultimately, the images here will be available on BoomBoom Prints, which specializes in selling children’s illustrations on apparel & other products. I would like to present my ideas through this character.

Eric Christopher Jackson



  1. I Like them 😊 colour is always a + if chompy was a toy would he be like a pom-Pom or like a rubber ball?

  2. Could be a huge on like a bean bag to sit on.

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