New Character Brand: Part II

MultiVerse | 11 x 14 Black Frame
In the previous blog, I talked about changes in the way this character is now presented. BoomBoom Prints has approved my first two images, which are now available for purchase on multiple products.

My next concept was to present the alphabet against various colors while testing a different style of art. All twenty-six letters of the alphabet are included. I’m not sure if this 2-dimensional look will garner positive feedback from little kids. However, a less formal approach didn’t suit the look I’m going for.

All of the images are set at 16-inch x 20-inch, which should look nice in a frame like the one above (in theory). If feedback from family, friends, and former graphic design classmates is positive overall, I will happily add these to the Chompy Collection. 🙂

I was walking through the mall last week when I spotted Abercrombie Kids. A high-end fashion brand for little kids? I like it. So, it gave me even more confidence to use this type of presentation to help children learn about the alphabet and become curious about a myriad of colors.

Please let me know you thoughts. Thank you.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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