I had a talk with my dad around my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It amazes me that, I’m 37 and he can still give me these nuggets of wisdom at the exact time I need to hear it. I talked to my grandma a couple of days ago, same thing. My mom, well smh, basically tells me that she wants more grandchildren. Point being, I appreciate all of them in my life because they help me see who I am. Growing up, often times people would say “you look just like your dad” or “you act just like your mom.” Back then, I would just smirk and say, ‘well, they are my parents. What can you do?’ Now, I really appreciate the parts of my personality that resemble them because I better understand how that makes me who I am. So, when I have questions or need to vent on specific things, I know which one to talk to ’cause they’ll “get me.” They’ll really understand where I’m coming from because I’m a part of them. I’ve come to cherish this aspect of our relationship the most. -ecj

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