Feel Welcome

Welcome Beautiful Congestion
I am not a web designer, but I do try to fix up my website because it’s the window for all of my work. Which means that I need to keep up with the trends in web design so my site doesn’t look outdated. I stayed awake a good portion of the night focusing on creating a “Welcome” page.

“Welcome” pages don’t feature a footer or header. They can add a ‘wow’ factor for website visitors as this will be the first page seen. As you can see from the screenshot above, I took a rather simple approach by adding my name & logo over one of my favorite recent images. This slideshow continues:

Welcome 1966 Tiger Sunbeam
It’s not only about choosing the best images, but ones that work well in this layout.

Welcome Birth
I also wanted to have some diversity in the nine shots included so far. Color is very important, which compliments the black & white images.

Welcome BW Sky
This first scene on the first scene on the website. As I create new work, the best scenes will replace the current shots over time. I’m very excited about having an opening page like this. I feel it will only validate the quality of my work.

There are more improvements to be made. The blog is already created & integrated within the website itself. I no longer have to lead viewers away from the official site to stay up-to-date. I also did some reading on how new web trends for this year can be added to my site, including video backgrounds. Sounds spiffy. More importantly, I have to read up on techniques to get viewers to be active while sorting through my portfolio. I will look at the sites of artists and small business owners, more web savvy than myself, to see how they succeed.

Do you have any tips for marketing your work or profession? Do you have an App? I will likely share any cool tips I find & implement in the near future.

Oh my, it’s already Wednesday..!
Eric Christopher Jackson

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