Anniversary | Year Two

Happy Anniversary! 🙂

Two years! Whew, we made it. 2012, July 14th, was the first day of this new blog space, which replaced the old address. This month, more than any in recent past, I’m sharing new artwork with a slightly different style and subject. The pieces seem to be more abstract, less obvious, and I try to include a blurb with each. My hope is to continue to grow & try new things as a fine art photographer while exercising my writing skills. Some things work, some do not. But it’s always fun to try. Creativity: the other oxygen we need.

Last week, I was contacted by The Brick Lane Gallery based in London. The Gallery Manager seems most interested in my architectural work. She invited me to be a part of the upcoming group exhibition entitled, “Landscape: Rural vs. Urban.” There will be a two-week showing at the beginning of September.

Naturally, there are costs to print & ship the work among other things. So, I’m thinking of creating a fundraiser specifically for this event. It would be so cool to have my work seen overseas. And since I already missed out on the Invite to the 2015 ArtExpo in Milan, I don’t need another disappointment.

My schedule over the next eight days is jam-packed with assignments outside of my art work. Matter of fact, I am writing this blog on July 13th because I need to be in Utah very early morning on the 14th. It’s only about a 3 1/2-hour trip, but I am not a morning person. 🙂

In other news, it looks like I have my first company photo shoot after a few days off next week. For this shoot, I purchased a large, white backdrop and stand. It should arrive while I’m out-of-town on July 14th. Excited. Excited! Next, I want to purchase a three-light setup (strobes), a black backdrop, and…another backdrop, I haven’t decided which color. This way, I’ll be able to offer more studio photography sessions for individuals, couples, and small families. Plus, I can create really nice still life art projects, which are probably my favorites.

Well, I’m going to rest before leaving for Utah just after midnight. I hope you all don’t feel inundated with cloud scenes. 🙂 I just notice them a lot more lately. Question: How is it that airplanes can travel through clouds, yet, clouds can block the sunlight? Interesting. Here’s to the march into Year Three.

Cheers (& a Hooray).
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Congratulations on you blog anniversary and 🍀 with your fundraising.

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