One Step at a Time.

I was amazed at how quickly my order arrived. A white backdrop complete with stand. I had already purchased black fabric several months ago, which turned out to be roughly the same dimensions.

Now, I am hunting for studio lights in my price range. Likely, I will order a three-light setup of continuous lights. They don’t emit a bright flash, yet they would provide the extra light needed.

Strobe lights are preferred, but I may only be able to afford a two-light setup. This would take away a few options, but I may be able to direct light well enough from a third position using a reflector.

Also, I would like two more colors for backdrops, as I probably mentioned before. I’m thinking of a marbled grey tone and a darker gold tone. A darker blue, maroon, may also work. It would be great to experiment with various single colors and combinations of color.

For now, I’ll focus on the lighting and see how the black & white backdrops work separately (maybe even together). I didn’t know the stand would take up so much room! 🙂 I can actually raise the height above my ceiling and it’s 10 feet wide. Awesome.



Golly. I need quite a few office supplies and I’d like this area to have a defined color palette. I would love an L-shaped desk similar to this, cherrywood and black, more contemporary-styled door handles. Little by little I’ll purchase more of what I need.

One step at a time.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Yes, that L shaped desk looks great. It’s cool that you’ve got some new home studio equipmemt.

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