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If this your first time visiting the blog, my name is Eric Christopher Jackson. (I know, it’s long). I am a fine art photographer and creative writer originally from South Florida. I grew up watching Transformers, G.I.Joe, and Voltron, so you can probably take a good guess of my age.

My blog is an extension of my website:

You will see plenty of photographs along with poems & short stories. Images are inspired by cinematography, interior design, fine art, even fashion from time to time. My writing is sporadic, inspirational, thought-provoking, and sincere. I occasionally throw in a joke or two.

My work, in part, is created to help this introvert become more extroverted. As I get used to the stage, I hope to touch the hearts of people in a positive way. As you can see from the graphic above, my work is being placed on quite a few social media platforms. The website & blog help me keep this growing collection organized. Though, as you can imagine, it is a challenge. So, I ask that you bear with me as I continually update these online venues.

To those of you who have Followed me, some for two years or more, I “thank you” for your patience & support. I am also grateful for making new friends in parts of the world I’ve never visited before. You all continue to give me confidence when I hit bumps in the road.

Everyone: Continue to follow your dreams, face your insecurities, and live like your goals don’t scare you.

See you at the finish line.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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