Lobby Area

In the Lobby
Yesterday’s editorial photo shoot was brief, but I had a nice conversation with the person to be photographed. Her soon to be three-year-old daughter also wanted to be included as she traversed the area.

I learned quite a few lessons, which will help me improve on my next outing. Of course, I took more photographs than needed and found that the ones focusing more on architecture are my favorites.

For editorial portraits, I tend to be overly cautious in my approach. So, the first set of images didn’t look right to me though they were logically the types of photos I needed.

The second set of images were taken on the stairs:
Lobby Area
You can tell I shot this with my camera phone. The great thing about photography is you can make a scene look better than it already does in reality. Well, this can be a good or bad thing, depending on the subject.

For portraits, I like the natural look opposed to trying to create a fake reality. While it’s necessary to edit portraits, I try not to overdo it. With architecture or still life, etc., I take the liberty to be more creative, pushing the boundaries beyond what I would otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look into my Friday morning.
Have a great weekend all.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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