I have three favorites from last Friday’s Editorial Photo Session for the NASE’s Self-Informed magazine. Of course, the one I shared recently is included. Every photo session is a learning experience. You prepare the best you can, then deal with the challenges that come up.

For this particular shoot, I only used ambient light. At this time in the morning, the position of the sun with the direction the building is facing meant that there were dramatic shifts in light. It also depends on cloud coverage. When it’s partly cloudy outside, you can change from having too much light in a scene to too little in a few moments.

We tried a few different spots within the area, but I really liked the staircase for her feature portraits. The diffused windows in the large skylight above the stairs were perfect for distributing even soft lighting throughout the scene.

3-Light Photography KitIt was my first time visiting this place, so I know God smiled on me with the convenient lighting setup. I could not setup lights here even if I had them available.

Still, artificial lights are a good option to have. So, yesterday, I got the chance to order a 3-light photography kit which includes soft boxes (useful for even lighting). And it has a boom stick, which means I can place one of the lights directly over a subject or product (giddy). I ordered this kit from the same company I ordered the backdrop & stand from since they seem to have good quality products. Upon their arrival, I will be able to take this studio on the road. Literally.


Adobe Bridge CS6

My business card is in desperate need of an update. It’s helpful when it matches the new look of my website. All I need to do now is work on the postcard design, which will also mimic the website & business card. Then, I will order those, hopefully, by this evening. For years, I’ve been printing my marketing material through SmartLevels in Irvine, CA. High quality. Affordable prices. Shipping is pricey, but reliable.

As postcards go out, I hope to have more opportunities arise.

Happy Friday.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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