I wanted to narrow down this Set to the ten best images I captured. For the most part, only the images from the three-light setup made the cut. The single and two-light scenes need more finesse. I plan to work on those setups more in the near future.

For our “Happy Monday,” I want to leave these with you all. Of course, this process was more difficult because I was trying to control what was going on behind-the-camera while being in front of the camera. 🙂 Meaning, quite a few shots were out-of-focus. A few of these ten are a little soft, but they share the concept I wanted to capture.

My challenge is to find models who are patient & professional enough to work with me. If I shoot modeling scenes & headshots, I want the models to dress modestly and not have anything inappropriate or suggestive in the scenes. For some of the ideas, I’m going to need more lights..but I’ll save the more challenging shoots for later.

A good first impression is always important to me. So, I wanted to have my own portraits come across as professional as they could while also feeling natural & light-hearted. Ultimately, I have to build a collection of studio work & print the best shots out to submit as a separate portfolio to potential clients.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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