Speak | New Book Cover
The new book cover for my second collection of poetry entitled, Speak, has been approved and is now available through Amazon. However, it will take time for the new cover to appear as they update their system. I did see the update on my Author Profile.

The cover has been delayed for a few weeks as I had trouble coming up with the overall look I wanted to replace the previous cover. I also made sure that the look of this book would still be different than the next poetry book in progress.

Afterwards, there was a delay in receiving the Proof in the mail, which is the second time I’ve run into this general problem as of late. Needless to say, I have to fix it, mostly likely by spending extra on shipping to make sure I receive the items on time.

Speak | Previous Cover
As I mentioned before, once I realized I would have to market my books along with my photography, I felt the cover needed an update.

This one really doesn’t reflect my personality or the tone of the content. And people have told me on many occasions that I’m soft-spoken (almost to a fault). So, Speak does not have to portray a change in my personality in order for me to be heard.

Thank you all so much for your patience. I’m already excited to see how the new book will turn out. Time for my morning tea.

Happy Tuesday.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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