NEWS | ARTLY: 60+ Free Online Photography Tools

I always look for inexpensive ways to publish and promote my work. No price can be more inexpensive than free, which is why I’m sharing this blog post from Artly.

I recently discovered Artly on Twitter. The outlet usually gives us a short list of recommendations on who to Follow based on our current Follow list. I created my own page here.

On Artly, you can create a portfolio of visual work within a minimalist-styled layout. I often enjoy putting my work on new websites for a few reasons. First, it lets me keep up with the new trends in web design. I can compare old models with new templates. Also, I have the opportunity to revisit my archives to make sure all of my work is up-to-date. Sometimes, I notice certain pieces need to be updated or added to a particular Series. Finally, it’s great to have my work seen by a new audience. Of course, not everyone uses the most popular websites to share their work or look for artwork. I get to see the reaction to my collection from fresh eyes.

To be honest, I look at my work so much it’s tough to keep that initial enthusiasm and love for it, at times. When a new viewer comes along with a nice comment, they remind me of why I love what I do.

Check out the list. Some of the websites, I have never heard of, which is why it’s good to research all areas of the internet for help.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂
Eric Christopher Jackson

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