Art365Gallery has accepted samples of my work to display on their website. Of course, I’m happy for any opportunity to present my work to a new audience. It’s also interesting to see which pieces people gravitate towards more.

In other news: At last, I’ve found the distinction between contemporary art & modern art from a website entitled, Artistically Connected. It reads:

The terms contemporary art and modern art often cause a little confusion. So what is the difference? Simply put; contemporary art typically refers to any artwork that was made since World War II, and it usually refers to artists who are still living and still producing work. On the other hand, modern art usually refers to art that was created between the 1860s and 1970s when artists began challenging the traditional academic view of art and looking at the world differently.

Feel free to visit both websites to see if they would be an ideal venue for your work.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Hi Eric, I hope this goes well for you. I am just pleased that more people will get to see your work.

    Best wishes

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