No Place Like Home

I’ve moved quite a bit since I left my hometown in 2009. I still feel like I haven’t found that place I can call home. Or think, ‘Yes, this is where I belong.’ However, I have had the opportunity to take great photos along the way.

I guess every place had a glimpse of ‘home.’ I wish I could take the best parts of each city and duct tape ’em together. Glue? 🙂 Around this bridge is Jacksonville, FL. was my favorite ‘hang out’ spot. At the very end of this bridge, on the other side of the St. John’s River, was a huge fountain, water springing up into the air…

Now that I’m in Las Vegas, the scenery is very different. It has flashes of brilliance as well. It’s really in the midst of a huge valley, so we’re surrounded by a mountain range. Yet, I’m still not ‘settled.’ I’m beginning to think I’m looking in the wrong place for a home feeling.

Maybe it’s not external, but internally, I don’t feel at home. I don’t feel settled. It’s not where I am physically, but mentally and/or emotionally? But how do you rectify that?!

Without question, I woke up this morning with that feeling in my gut: ‘I just want to go home. I’m tired.’ It’s something for me to continue to think about while I’m on my walk today.

As far as a physical home, I wouldn’t mind a comfy spot with a fireplace, home entertainment system, and a nice yard…with actual grass, lots of green, fluffy grass. And my neighbors don’t live a foot and a half away from me. I’d wake up to birds singing instead of the fire truck or ambulances rushing to yet another accident.

‘Home’ is peaceful. Quiet. Which doesn’t mean the absence of noise…more like the absence of conflict. And if the conflict is taking place in my heart, there’s no way to escape it without fixing it.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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