Over in a Flash


Art Print | 1940 Chevy 2-Door

At this point, I don’t remember the weekend taking place. It was here; it is gone. Say “Hello” to Monday…again. Another deadline approached and I still had not come up with a solid prose to express what I wanted to say while staying within the guidelines of the publisher. (Tougher than I  thought).

I scribbled a few words on the screen, trying to figure out how to add more. I couldn’t. That was all I had, all I wanted to say, and it flowed the way I wanted it to. That was all I sent. I woke up to an invite from the publisher to send more prose on a different subject with no word on my short scribbles submitted the night before.

I guess I feel okay. All in all, they know that I’m alive and have a link to the rest of my work. Still, I waited too long to move everything else out of the way to solely focus on writing concepts. I vowed not to make that mistake again.

Time. It goes by so fast. I spent most of last week worrying about a myriad of things, sad over other things, and happy about very little.

Is this the way we want to live our lives?

If the time we have on the Earth is so fleeting, why waste it on worrying so much? We can’t get back the time we’ve lost & we shouldn’t spend too much time reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Oddly enough, today’s photograph does just that. haha! A 1940 Chevy in all of its spiffy-ness. Yes, I…can make up words. As I continue to add images to the re-opened online store, I continue to think about yester-year. Great memories of great places with great feelings…feelings that didn’t last. At least, not as long as I wanted them to.

My goal is to make ‘the good ol’ days’ today.

Or make them pale in comparison to where I am. If I focus too much on the big picture, it feels overwhelming. So, I try to do a little each day and see how far I’ve progressed by the end of a week.

Remember, don’t waste so much time worrying about life. If you have a little, a lot, or somewhere in-between…smile.

– Eric



  1. I downloaded a free gratitude app it’s great 😊 reminds me to focus on the positives

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