“Light” Cooking

Studio Light Setup
God blessed us to be able to move to a new location on Saturday. Moving everything you own is always a chore. Not too far away from where we were, but it’s made a world of difference. It doesn’t feel like home, just yet. However, the layout of the apartment is very nice and worth the extra cost.

My favorite part is the wood floor that covers the kitchen and dining room area. Yes, I have turned the dining area into a photo spot. It would be an empty space, otherwise. This will cut down a lot of the prep time needed to set up. I’m grateful!

The best part is the Leasing Office personnel were very nice to us. We got an upgraded spot with all new appliances and nice counter tops. Never happened to me before. The kitchen is my favorite room because of this. And since I cook quite a bit…


…the stove is becoming my favorite. I can see the food as it cooks! An oven light. LOVE. Mmhmm. This is a big deal for someone who bakes a great number of biscuits, cookies, and pizza. With Thanksgiving only a couple of days away, this will come in handy.

We are nervous because a better place means higher expenses. Still, I’ve slept soundly so far…maybe because I was sore from moving so much stuff. I do feel calm & comfortable about the situation. I had a very productive first Monday in a new place and was able to focus much better in this new environment. Quite a bit of work done today. 🙂

Funny thing is, I started getting all these new ideas and wondered why I hadn’t thought of these things sooner. Ugh! I’d better get some rest and continue to tackle this daunting goal one step at a time. I feel like something will work out as long as I keep going.

Good night.

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