Rivals. | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson



“Rivals” is not not a unique concept. I simply wanted to present it in my own way. Often times, a hero and a villain are two separate people. With the set of photos I’m working on, the hero & villain are the same person. What makes this person different is the choices he makes.

One tries to make the best choices in life that are not self-centered and considers the well-being of others. The other…not so much. I’ve seen this played out in films several times.

I tried to light the two sides of me differently. One facing the light while the other avoids it just enough to keep his eyes in shadow. I had another idea on how to portray these two sides, but I don’t have any lightsabers.

It will be more fun for me to create portraits and scenes that tell a story. I struggle with how much text to use, if any at all. For this scene, one word is enough.

Happy Monday!


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