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The visual story continues. Inspired by the Star Wars Saga. There have been an awful lot of commercials lately of brands helping to market the new film, which opens less than two weeks from today. I’m trying to figure out which is my favorite:

This one is also good…

My vote has to go to the kids, though. “They went that way!” lol. Cute.

I believe my image addresses the heart of the Star Wars story. Which side do you choose? In this case, the red color symbolizes the Sith (or evil in general) and the blue color for good.

In everyday life, we are confronted with these basic decisions and sometimes the difference between right and wrong isn’t crystal clear. If you watched the prequels, you’ll understand that the Sith Lord deceived Anakin Skywalker into becoming Darth Vader. He knew Anakin had a bit of an ego… and a lust for power while making him question within his own mind which side was the dark and light side of the Force.

Of course, the choice is really up to us. Still, there’s something to be mindful of here. Heath Ledger’s Joker said it best and I’ll have to paraphrase him, “That’s the interesting thing about chaos. All it needs is a little…push.” The Emperor figured out how to push Anakin.

The same can happen to us. No, we can’t say, “the devil made me do it.” However, we have all met instigators (people or problems), cleverly needling us in the wrong direction. We have to be aware when someone’s trying to put us on a string (like a puppet). They do and say things just to get a certain reaction out of us.

Please, please, don’t fall for it. Yes, they may get us one time…two times…but by the third time our common sense should kick in and serve us well. As in the best films, no matter how powerful and tempting evil is and how weak and insignificant good seems to be…good always triumphs. Coincidence? I think not.

Hope you are having a Happy Monday.

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