Preparing for 2016.

BRAND | Welcome HP Revision

Official Site: | Welcome Page

Each year, companies tend to welcome in the New Year by tweaking or upgrading their brand. Take Google+ for instance. They’re slowly unveiling a new layout for our profiles. It’s no different for my portfolio.

After several months of trial & error, I ‘finally’ feel like I have a solid grasp on how my work needs to be presented. Honestly, no major changes are being made to the website. However, sifting through all of my work seemed to be too cumbersome.

I decided to reorganized the navigation bar on the main site, which will be mirrored here on my blog as well. Hopefully, viewers will have a much easier time locating exactly what they’re looking for. So will I, for that matter. 🙂

Take a look…

BRAND | Homepage Revision

Official Site: Homepage

The navigation bar does look wider, yet, it takes up the same amount of space as before. Transparency on the bar and page title for a little more finesse. Smaller texts. Overall, much improved, but I still have additions to be made.

I only think of one word as a motto for 2016: Confidence. As I continue to shape my life into what I want it to be, a healthy level of confidence will keep me going consistently.

God bless you.

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